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WET STREETS CAUSE RAIn-Aun gallery- Sat, 21 May 2016 - Thu, 16 Jun 2016



There are moments or places that can expose a hidden and dreadful truth within the intuitive experience.

Obviously the visual experience is the vehicle whereby the intuition is produced.

Yet, amazingly, visual experiences in themselves can at times awaken deep emotions that stem from the misery and suffering bestowed on us by our collective existence.



Group Exhibition

Mr. President

June 27, 2015 

Curator: Zartosht Rahimi

An exhibition curated by Zartosht Rahimiand Armin Maleki

"Mr. President" is both the deliverer of people's political will and its addressee, while he is a so far masculine instance of mankind. He is a protagonist who is sometimes considered a popular hero and sometimes rejected as a false mask on people's face; a chair which demonstrates the shortcomings of Islamic democracy and also a symptom of people's vulnerability in face of their own political immaturity and others' populist promises.

"Mr. President", in recent few decades, is an Iranian phenomenon but since earlier times, there have been Presidents in the middle-east who have reflected or deformed people's image in this region, sometimes they have been a token of a collective ideal and sometimes a cause for popular revolt.

"Mr. President" is a name for an exhibition. An exhibition with a defined theme in which some well-known Iranian Artists participate and clarify the vicissitude of this theme using their various Artistic media, within the criteria of a game known as "Art". They try to find an equivalent for some collective desires and make a face for them which goes beyond still visuality and through its dynamism in time and presence in space tries to assimilate to the living current which it represents, but only if such an assimilation is possible.

The exhibition "Mr. President" nevertheless, doesn't necessarily claim that such assimilation is possible, more than that we want to experiment on its limits and get involved in its challenges. So as a part of this exhibition a documentary stand is presented where historical facts rebel against Artistic creativity. Historical documents are second hand facts, they are representations, but still they benefit from a certain contingency which opposes any systematic presentation and Artistic creativity; they are part of the "Chaos" out there, not easily internalizable. Therefore, here, cohabitation of Art and documentation is part of the challenge.


But since we are speaking about a living phenomenon, there is no need for limiting ourselves to second hand facts. The first hand facts of this exhibition are its audience and their reactions. As such, just as before documentation was juxtaposed with Art, there is a space for the audience to create their own work, cutting and pasting various images they find in the exhibition. The paintings in their frames and videos presented as Art wouldn't be removed, but there would be another podium for the public beside/against them.

The exhibition "Mr. President" is also an attempt to contemplate Art, as the official face of creative activity, just as it contemplates the President as the official face of people's politics. Art, very similar to the President, sometimes represents its creative body correctly and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes as a collection of impressive works represents the Ideals and grieves of its age and sometimes it betrays its pedestal through its institutional bureaucracy and its dependence on material means. In this exhibition we see an Art which is political, not only because there is a political theme in it, but because it is besieged by its political adversaries: documentation and its own audience.



Solo painting exhibition


Fri, 25 Oct 2013 - Wed, 06 Nov 2013

Aun Gallery




One can define a paradigm to reach the reality by observing all the dualities inherent in our culture. “Curtain” is only a symbol that depicts presence and absence, reality and dream, glory and contradiction, nostalgia and humor, as well as our sweet and not completely forgotten traditions.

Regardless of its colorfulness and dense designs, “Curtain” covers what lies behind and beyond it with ultimate subtlety and delicacy; as if others can see the hidden self. It is an interface between the viewer and the view; better yet, a substitute for either one. I suppose, it can also provide a view to our current state.

Khosro Khosravi


 Breakfast in Tehran', Janet Rady Fine Art at Frameless Gallery, London

June 13, 2011 - June 26, 2011

Azadeh Akhlaghi, Navid Azimi, Majid Koorang Beheshti, Taha Heydari, Khosro Khosravi, Azadeh Madani, Saba Masoumian, Kourosh Salehi, Atefe Samaei and Rozita Sharafjahan

Breakfast in Tehran will be a chance to see a selection of drawings, collage, photography, video and printmaking from a group of new and established Iranian artists living in Iran and exhibiting in London together for the first time. The exhibition considers the representation of women in contemporary Iranian art, and demonstrates how accepted images and interpretations of femininity are being subverted.

Since the Islamic Revolution, images of turbaned mullahs, ayatollahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad present Iran as an extreme patriarchy whose narratives are shaped and written solely by religious men. We occasionally hear stories in the media of a few prominent Iranian women like lawyer Shirin Ebadi, writer Marjane Satrapi, or the artist Shirin Neshat, but of the millions of women who live in Iran we hear very little. What does this silence hide about the lives of this quietened mass of humanity?

Everywhere in Iran women are active and visible, apparent and hidden. Perhaps they are walking or driving along the teeming city streets or quiet country lanes, looking out of the window of a high-rise apartment at the street below, or bargaining in a shop, or petitioning in the courts, or just sitting down to smoke a cigarette after breakfast in their homes. Breakfast in Tehran presents work by male and female Iranian artists, each depicting the predicament of women in contemporary Iran.

These depictions aim neither to play to the standard ‘western’ idea of them as totally oppressed, nor claim that they are more liberated than we realise. Instead the exhibition acknowledges their unique situation where centuries of strictly defined roles, combined with decades of the Islamic Republic operating on a globalised stage have resulted in a strangely paradoxical environment. Women are active in all levels of society and the traditional roles of ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ are only a part of the lives of many women. The Iranian feminist movement has been politically and socially engaged for some years, and visual artists are now bringing this activism into the cultural arena and changing and subverting the traditional representation of women in Iran




  1. Solo painting exhibition : Azad Art Gallery

  2.  22 DEC 2010- 5 JAN 2011




  1. IRANÖsterr. Post AG Info.Mail Entgelt bezahlt contemporary iranian videoartists and photographers

  2. Mehraneh Atachi · Aisan Fekri-Afschar · Shadi Ghadirian

  3. Ramin Haerizadeh · Savis Homayouni · Peyman

  4. Hooshmandzadeh · Neda Hoseinyar · Behnam Kamrani

  5. Simin Keramati · Afshan Ketabchi · Khosro Khosravi

  6. Meysam Mahfoz · Saleh Rozati · Mehdi Sadr · Behrang

  7. Samadzadegan · Hessam Samavatian · Roszita Sharafjahan

  8. Jinoos Taghizadeh · Shahriar Tavakoli · Nasser Teymourpour

  9. Te x t : Elfriede Jelinek

  10. Ausstellungszentrum der Universität für angewandte Kunst

  11. Heiligenkreuzerhof, 1010 Wien

  12. Dienstag, 9. Nov. 2010, 19.00 Uhr

  13. Eröffnung: Dr. Gerald Bast, Rektor der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

  14. Unter dem Motto preview of the past unternimmt die Ausstellung den Versuch, bestimmte Aspekte und Facetten

  15. des künstlerischen Schaffens einer aufbruchswilligen jungen Avantgarde – wie sie in Teheran und auch in Wien existiert –

  16. aufzuzeigen. Präsentiert werden ausgewählte Exponate von acht iranischen VideokünstlerInnen und zehn FotografInnen,

  17. die sowohl im Iran als auch in Österreich leben und arbeiten. Diese Werke gestatten einen sehr persönlichen Einblick in

  18. kursierende Emotionen und Stimmungen, die von den Künstlern und Künstlerinnen in subtiler, vielschichtiger und auch

  19. sarkastisch-ironisierender Manier verarbeitet wurden.

  20. Konzept und Umsetzung: Sini Coreth, Julia Allertsdorfer, Barbara Putz-Plecko in Zusammenarbeit mit den KünstlerInnen.

  21. Ausstellung: 10. Nov. bis 10. Dez. 2010, Mo. bis Fr. 14 – 18.00, Sa. 10 – 14 Uhr

  22. Tel.: 01 / 711 33-2161,




18 May - 18 June 2010

Masoumeh Bakhtyari’s simple, almost graphic pictures are a response to the political turmoil of last summer, exploring political and social unease. Recent graduate, Marzieh Bagheri has produced a fascinating series of paintings that use cars and women to lament the unrealised ambitions of post-revolutionary Iran; and her fellow graduate Azadeh Balouchi has produced beautifully delicate images that examine the position and identity of modern Iranian women. The vividly coloured subjects of Samira Eskandarfar include brief Farsi aphorisms and Kahlo-esque imagery in work that questions the depiction of women everywhere. Khosro Khosravi paints dark and haunting tableaux that paradoxically reveal his skill as a colourist whilst referencing Iranian history and the dichotomy between the public and private realms of its society. Hamid Sahihi’s intriguing paintings, with faceless, confined figures and eerily idealised landscapes, are poetic metaphors for a dreaming, dystopian society. Mohammad Tabatabaie’s remarkable panels are a personal diary of family life, commenting on the tension of modernity and tradition in the Islamic Republic...

The exhibition is curated by David Gleeson and Aras Amiri in collaboration with Azad Gallery in Tehran.



 First Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Video Art in London: "Facts and Illusions"

Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, 15-17th October 2009
Admission Free
Opening times 10am – 8pm




Rudi Benetik/ Gabriela Medverova/ Autriche/

Reka Nemera/ Nike Nagy/ Hongrie/

Nasser Azizi/ Shahpari Behzadi/ Pooneh Jafari/ Khosro Khosravi/Ahmad Vakili/ Iran...



     Exhibition -  Mah Art Gallery -  April  2008   Pictures



  Art Gallery of The College of New Jersey presents “Parable of the Garden” focusing on
 cultural legacy of former Persia 
Opening Reception Wednesday, February 20

The show features the works of ten artists or collaborative teams hailing from Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

Featured Artists:

 Vyacheslav Akhunov
Muratbek Djoumaliev & Gulnara Kasmalieva
Shahram Entekhabi
Simin Keramati
Khosro Khosravi
Erbossyn Meldibekov
Almagul Menlibayeva
Rahraw Omarzad/Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan
Karan Reshad/Kolah Studio
Alexander Ugay



At the Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern ,13 may 2007

In this work, I look into the educational structure of 10-11 years old girls in Iran. The work carefully explores the effect of the governing patterns of education on the children at that vulnerable age, when their childish characteristics mingle with adolescence. While the video directly addresses religious and pedagogical issues, deep inside it deals with broader cultural contradictions; the contradiction between literature and politics, the contradiction between life and death. The paradoxical dialogues read by schoolgirls are chosen from the fifth grade reading book (Farsi). We observe a blurred image, gradually transforming to sharpen in on a close up frame of a girl's school uniform and hijab (headscarf), the clothing that must be worn by all women in Iran. In this video, I am trying to show the contradictions existing in a simple cultural process.

For further information about it please visit:




     Analyzing While Waiting (For Time To Pass)

Susann Wintsch – Swedish surveyor on art – has directed and produced an electronic magazine concerned with contemporary and emerging art in Tehran which concentrates predominantly on an analytical stance in times of waiting.

TREIBSAND [VOLUME 01] «Analyzing while Waiting (For Time To Pass)» sheds light on contemporary and emerging art in Tehran, concentrating predominantly on an analytical stance in times of waiting. Waiting for the future may be expressed as yearning or depression, or it may appear as a long, protracted period in which past and present are analyzed in depth from a personal and post-colonialist viewpoint. The concept has been drawn up in close collaboration with Parastou Forouhar (Frankfurt am Main/Tehran).
Iman Afsarian, Nazgol Ansarinia, Mehraneh Atashi, Mahmoud Bakhshi-Moakhar, Shahrzad Darafsheh, Samira Eskandarfar, Farhad Fozouni, Nina Ghaffari, Amirali Ghasemi, Barbad Golshiri, Arash Hanaei, Ghazaleh Hedayat, Elahe Heidari, Behnam Kamrani, Simin Keramati, Khosro Khosravi/Farid Jafari, Mehran Mohajer, Ahmad Morshedlou, Neda Razavipour /Shahab Fotouhi, Hamed Sahihi, Rozita Sharaf Jahan, Jinoos Taghizadeh, Sadegh Tirafkan
Iman Afsarian, artist and editor; Haleh Anvari, artist and journalist; Khosrow Hassanzadeh, artist; Sohrab Mahdavi, editor of; Ruyin Pakbaz, art and art history professor; Alireza Sami Azar, curator; Soghra Zare Anaghezi, artist
ISSN 1662-0577, 143 Min, PAL, 4:3, SFr. 60.–/Euro 40.–/USD 40

More on


The Exhibition,   Homa Art Gallery   8 -18December 2006    Pictures


 A Group Exhibition in Canada

Wondering Masters

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama

"White Mountain Academy of the Arts invites you to the first exhibition of the Wondering Masters series. Sam Shahsahabi curates this series of exhibitions in collaboration with international and national artists. The first exhibition is dedicated to Khosro Khosravi, Rosita Sharaf-Jahan, Fereydoon Omidi, Shahab Fotouhi, Neda Razavi, and Amirali Ghasemi six Iranian artists from Iran exhibiting in the multimedia area. The out comes are true masterpieces in the form of video arts and story telling projections which are committed to establishing a strong bond between the storyteller and the viewer."

Feb 3rd - Feb. 17th    
White Mountain Academy of the Arts
99 Spine Road, Elliot Lake, Ontario
For more information on Wondering Masters please contact:
Sam Shahsahabi
Faculty of Visual Arts, Painting
Curator/Director The James K. Bartleman Art Gallery WMAA
99 Spine Rd, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada P5A 3S9
Phone: 705 848-4347 Ext. 213 Fax: 705 848-0588



My Exhibition in Paris - Cité Internationationale des Arts - July 2005                

Paintings and video art were presented simultaneously in this exhibition.
Paintings were expressed in a new style. The Human Shapes were suspending in abstraction background. Works presented the concept of the ancients.
Frames of the presented film, Dizzy, were also shown in the exhibition.




Video ZOOM - Iranian Video Artist - Rome - December 2004

Creator : Hamid Reza Severi & Babak Tavassoli, Tehran Museum of              Contemporary Art,& Mary Angela Schroth, Sala 1, Rome.
In the catalogue of exhibition has been mentioned that "the vacant port in the shore of life, in KHOSRO KHOSRAVI 's The Port (2004), describes    the border between the sea horizon and us, a port to observe things; a small hatch for us to glance through the life beyond. It is a metaphor on our history and time where borders Persia from the Northerners; and modern  Iranians are their successors. As in a painting, the port depicts our knowledge from time and positions, race and tribes, us and a vague future, presented with the kid, his dog, his return, the sea waves, his running into people in different social classes, and the epic poetry of Ferdowsi: all  are motifs of our spontaneous perceptions"         





Beams of Blue - Iranian Video Art - Apeejay Media Gallery - Delhi India - October 2004

I participated in the exhibition with a video of mine, Port ,describes the border between  the sea horizon and us, a port to observe things ; a small hatch for us to glance through the life beyond. It is a metaphor on our history and time where borders Persia from the Northerners; and modern Iranians are their successors. As in a painting, the port depicts our knowledge from time and position, race and tribes, us and the epic poetry of Ferdowsi : all are motifs of our spontaneous perceptions.



 Home Country Exhibitions

My Last Exhibition in Tehran - Iranian Artists Forum - Momayes Gallery - May 2005

In this exhibition I presented some paintings and the video "YOU & ME". Tthe composition of works of this exhibition were simple and limited but at the same time there were signs of history and tradition on them. The background of the paintings had a single solid color with a soft texture and small suspending shapes in a low relief.



 A group exhibition of an old master painter of Iran" SIYAH GHALAM"

23 December - 3 January 2005 in Azad Art Gallery and another four gallery in Tehran. Group 30+ worked inspired by middle ages master of Iran "SIYAH GHALAM". People who has worked together in the Azad Art Gallery are: Khosro Khosravi, Rozita Sharafjahan, Ellahe Moghadammi and Rasoul Soltani. The work was drawing on a big paper all together.