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WET STREETS CAUSE RAIn-Aun gallery- Sat, 21 May 2016 - Thu, 16 Jun 2016



There are moments or places that can expose a hidden and dreadful truth within the intuitive experience.

Obviously the visual experience is the vehicle whereby the intuition is produced.

Yet, amazingly, visual experiences in themselves can at times awaken deep emotions that stem from the misery and suffering bestowed on us by our collective existence.


 Floral Curtain- Solo Exhibition - Aun Gallery - 25 Oct 2013- 6 Nov 2013

One can define a paradigm to reach the reality by observing all the dualities inherent in our culture. “Curtain” is only a symbol that depicts presence and absence, reality and dream, glory and contradiction, nostalgia and humor, as well as our sweet and not completely forgotten traditions.

Regardless of its colorfulness and dense designs, “Curtain” covers what lies behind and beyond it with ultimate subtlety and delicacy; as if others can see the hidden self. It is an interface between the viewer and the view; better yet, a substitute for either one. I suppose, it can also provide a view to our current state.



Abbasi School collection- 2011&2012

acrylic on paperboard



Solo Exhibition - Azad Art Gallery - 24 DEC 2010- 5 JAN 2011   


My first serious solo show was held in 1984, i.e. 16 years ago. Inspired by early Iranian lithographic posters, I had made use of a traditional motif in designing the poster of the exhibition. Apparently, in the past two decades we have gone through much cultural evolutions, yet we still face similar concerns and we carry them with us: unsolvable problems placing artists and intellectuals in a single serious challenge. The ways for confronting these concerns have changed: in times, with a frank, simplistic and straightforward attitude, and in other times, in an ironic way using new media. They have afflicted viewers as well, the difference being that today a group of wealthy people are willing to pay the artists carrying it.

I ask myself whether there has been a change in our past at the core of art movement in the past two decades. Are artists only good or bad narrators of contradictions while the financial success of a limited number being probably more attractive than the challenges themselves?

I intend not to criticize or speak from a higher position. Apparently, contradictions are still not supposed to be solved. Or maybe, it is better to visualize them in a more novel way than repeating them in a more elegant cover, to accept their reality more readily and accepting this as one of our duties.

In this series, I have tried to represent my questions plainly and without much technical sophistication, questions for which I have not found an answer and in sharing them with my viewers, I find a solution for avoiding an absurd and unpleasant feeling.

If like me, you accept that it is not two decades rather two centuries that a limited number of fixed questions have occupied artists and intellectuals’ minds and that the answer, lies in their permanent existence, then you would allow artists and praise them in their competing with one another for turning these questions more obvious, transparent or even phantasmagorical.

In my own way, I have tried to bring into accordance or opposition two different pages from the beginning and end of the book of fate of contradictions of our contemporary history.


New works  2009& 2010

Solo Exhibition - NAR GALLERY - December  2008  Pictures

Exhibition -April 2008 -Mah Art Gallery  Pictures

The Exhibition 2006  Pictures

In this works I presented some paintings the composition
of works were simple and limited but
at the same time there were signs of history and tradition on them.
The background of the paintings had a single solid color with a soft
texture and small suspending shapes in a low relief.

My paintings consist of different periods:

 The first period which was produced between 1994 and 1996 has expressional specialties and is directly influenced by the traditional painting of Iran. At the time I have preserved the fictional and abstraction characteristics of the painting of the middle ages of Iran In my works, all because of my interest to Old Iranian painting.

 In he second period created between 1996 and 2000, the traditional and modern art are composed together and abstraction features are faded. Elements are merged together and the composition has found a spiral form. The relation of human and nature is the main subject of these works.

 Last period 2000 - 2005 contains my new works. An abstraction and at the same time symbolic language (in elements) is the major specification of the paintings, however they are still impressed by old painting  and national attributes. The composition has simple and explicit structure. Particles are reduced to minimum in order to get meaningful and symbolic face, colors are limited and more impressive and finally my own personal views are more distinguished


 Painting 2000 -2005           Painting 1996 -2000          Painting 1994 -1996


Some frames of video

You can see a few frames of a video of mine that is painted on paper by acrylic .These are painted on a photo of a face of a young girl. The size of all pictures are A-4 and the date is 2004.



Also frames of other video "YOU & ME" are shown here. These are two silhouette shape of a woman and a man that I have painted on them about various things. All pictures are painted on A-4 paper by acrylic, 2005.