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“Watches Television” is a straightforward and symbolic demonstration of paradoxes of a society or region. History, culture, politics, and public media have an extensive impact on nations of today’s Middle East; particularly on certain incidents such as war.
In this video artwork, I’ve tried to express all these ironies in daily life of an old woman (my mother) while she is watching news and events of war in Gaza (December 2008- January 2009) on television.



“Ancestor’s Ghosts Shadow” is the title of my new video in which,as my recent works,I compare and describe different cultural aspects of a civilization.Although I have a direct visual hint to my country,
I’ve tried to verify mutual influences and relationships betweenpast and the present in eastern culture.Viewers will be affected by mutual effects of words,between them will find a poetic critique about the concept of the society.
This video contains different chapters that show some permanent and
contemporary characteristics of a historical civilization.I’ve tried to reach to a real and plain description by combining simple animations and documentary images. This is what is going on around me as I believe.


At the Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern ,13 may 2007

In this work, I look into the educational structure of 10-11 years old girls in Iran. The work carefully explores the effect of the governing patterns of education on the children at that vulnerable age, when their childish characteristics mingle with adolescence. While the video directly addresses religious and pedagogical issues, deep inside it deals with broader cultural contradictions; the contradiction between literature and politics, the contradiction between life and death. The paradoxical dialogues read by schoolgirls are chosen from the fifth grade reading book (Farsi). We observe a blurred image, gradually transforming to sharpen in on a close up frame of a girl's school uniform and hijab (headscarf), the clothing that must be worn by all women in Iran. In this video, I am trying to show the contradictions existing in a simple cultural process.

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In the past few years I had a new experience in creating Video Works. "Port" 2002 - "Dizzy" 2003 - and "You & Me" 2004. Also there is another production in process and will be ready by the end of 2006.

"Port" is the first film produced in 2002 jointly with Farid Jafari and is approximately 12 minutes. This video is a documentary film of a small abandoned port at the seaside and passage of people and their stop on the port. The film is based on a symbolic language.

"Dizzy" is the second film. It is formed of lots of painted frames of a fixed unmoving face of a young girl. The film has animation characteristics but at the same time is a video of a person with two unstable personalities.

"You & Me" is the third. It is also made of painted frames of a man and a woman figure.The concept of the time is brightened in the film. The alteration of the figures is an instance of the alterations that have taken place in the history and tradition for people. This man and woman is an instance of us, ourselves.


Port   2003

Dizzy   2004

You & Me   2005